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Author(s) Richard Lee Byers
Artist(s) Vincent Dutrait
Type Novel
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 285
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 03-Mar-2003
ISBN 1588468119
Series Dead God Trilogy
Preceded By Forsworn

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail


All seems lost for Valdawen, high priest of the forgotten god of the elves. His epic quest to resurrect his deity lies in ruins, usurped by the Goddess of Murder herself, Belsameth, and her acolytes. He has sacrificed all in His forgotten name, gaining little for his suffering, but the scorn of those he loves. Desperate and despairing, the elf journeys to the depths of the Sea of Blood to face Kadum, the chained titan.

Can one deity resurrect another And at what cost?

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