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Scarred Lands Gazetteer:


Author(s) Stephan Wieck

Stewart Wieck

Developer(s) Stephan Wieck

Stewart Wieck

Editor(s) Ed Mckeogh
Artist(s) Jason Alexander, Tom Biondillo, Alex Sheikman, Matt Milberger, Richard Thomas, Benjamin Monk Jr.
Type Accessory
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 32
Publisher White Wolf Publishing
Release Date 30-Apr-2001
ISBN 1588461610
Includes Color map
Preceded By Relics & Rituals
Succeeded By Creature Collection II

Source(s) Amazon Product Detail


When the gods and the titans warred for supremacy, vast armies of mortal creatures fought beside their creators. The monstrous spawn of the titans violently engaged humans, elves, dwarves and other Divine Races. Now, 150 years after the defeat of the titans, the world remains scarred and untamed. Even Ghelspad, the most populated and mapped continent of the scarred Lands, plays host to vast, unexplored regions; guards unsolved riddles from ancient cultures; and taunts adventurers with the promise of undiscovered riches hidden among ruined civilizations.

This Scarred Lands Gazetteer provides you with everything you need to explore this land and tell your own heroic tales. You get a full–color, foldout map displaying the entire continent; a history of the land; descriptions of all the nations and city–states; and details regarding the organizations that vie for power in the Scarred Lands.

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